Eli Bosnick is the creator and producer of A Taste of Magic. He's performed for the president of the united states, on stage at Madison Square Garden in front of five thousand people, and for seventy-two of the forbes top 100 companies. If anyone from the other 28 reads this...call him. Enjoy the show. Check out a full interview with Eli on our BLOG


Kent Axell is a mentalist and magician, and the director of A Taste of Magic. His background is in theater and the arts, and he has a deep interest in philosophy and the sciences. He has thoroughly enjoyed his involvement in A Taste of Magic, and looks forward to a long run of future performances.


An entertainer you will never forget, Eric W. Brown has been performing magic all over New York for the past five years. He started in a small magic shop here in the city and worked his way up the ranks. He has since performed on stage, at private parties, corporate events, and more. Described as “a gypsy out of time”, his style and charm are sure to entertain. With a theatrical background, Eric’s magic is not just something you see, but something you experience and remember for the rest of your life. Check out a full interview with Eric on our BLOG


A world-class mentalist and entertainer, Jason is proud to serve as A Taste of Magic’s resident mind reader. His act, a sophisticated blend of psychology and deception, has been featured all over the country. He has read the minds of celebrities, hypnotized CEOs, and lectured on the art of cold-reading for various organizations and universities. Despite being a skeptic at heart, there is nothing that gives Jason greater joy than the thrill of a true and perfect mystery.


If you had the power of persuasion, what would you do? Dr. Lustig entertains. Known as Persuasion Personified, Dr. Lustig makes the science of persuasion into an art form, and he uses it to make your evening amazing.


Rachel Wax is a magician and a fashion design student from Chicago. She was originally inspired by her father’s ability to make people laugh and to amaze them simultaneously with magic and she strives to do this with each performance. She started doing magic four years ago and enjoys being able to perform professionally at A Taste of Magic.


Jordi Magomero, originally from Barcelona (Catalonia), became a professional magician 6 years ago. As a member of the Academy of Magical Arts in Los Angeles, CA, he has developed a unique technique to perform in extremely close-up situations, especially with cards and coins. He has performed in many different theaters, and has made several television appearances. In 2010 won 2nd prize in a renowned Close-up Competition in Cabra. (Festival Cabracadabra, Córdoba, Spain)


David Corsaro has traveled the world bringing his unique personality and magic to all types of audiences, from the Museum of Natural History to our Armed Forces and their families. He has performed his amazing feats of magic for fortune 500 companies including Wrigley's, Panasonic, Nestle, and Viacom as well as top music acts such as "Chicago," "Earth Wind and Fire," and "The Milwaukees." David also donates his talent for a variety of charitable organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity and Lions International.


When he's not reading minds and doing card tricks, Mark makes movie magic in the TV and film world. His films have played at festivals including the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival and Fright Night Film Fest. Mark was magic consultant on the Off-Broadway musical Unlock'd at The Duke Theater, working alongside Callaway Award winning director Marlo Hunter. With an extensive multidisciplinary background including a classical art education, Mark blends his magic and his academic interests, bending perceptions of time and space, foresight and free will. And metal. Lots and lots of metal.


Davis Richardson combines magic with his love for history, literature, and philosophy to create theatrical pieces unlike anything you've ever seen. He is Congress's honorary magician in resident, having performed for many prominent politicians and lobbyists while working on Capitol Hill. Davis started performing at A Taste of Magic last September upon arriving to New York from Washington D.C. In addition to magic, Davis writes plays, interviews noteworthy individuals for digital publications, and studies film and television at Sarah Lawrence College. Follow him on Twitter @davisoliverr.


Award-winning magician Jim Vines specializes in close-up magic, and divides his time between New York City and Long Island's East End. Jim won 1st place at the Southeastern Association of Magicians close up contest in 2006, 2nd place at the Winter Carnival of Magic close up contest in 2013, and 2nd place at the Midwest Magic Jubilee close up contest in 2013. His original magic effects have been published in Genii Magazine, The Linking Ring, and Harry Lorayne's Apocalypse. Jim performs at private parties, corporate events, weddings, and other events throughout the tri-state area.


Tobias Dostal is a professional magician and artist from Germany. Since the age of 13, Toby has been surprising his audiences with his comedy and sleight of hand miracles. In 2010 he won the 2nd prize for stage manipulation at the Balkan Magic Convention in Thessaloniki (Greece). Today he is 30 years old and performs regularly at international trade fairs, weddings, restaurants and any kind of celebration.